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Shesta's Scribblez

Full of art and cookies <3

15 July
Hey everyone, this is Shesta/Lazeros from FA and Deviantart <3

I do a lot of art professionally as well as for fun. I make and sell fur suits full and partials <33 I also like to meet and make new friends within and outside of the fur community.

I like lots of things, Puppies being one of the top few <^^> I'm also looking into creating more suits soon, so any pointers would be great! I hope to meet some other artists, I like doing art trades when time permits, so feel free to ask.

In other news, I'm always looking to meet new people around Atlanta. So if you're going to be at the convention, drop me a line and we'll hang out. I can't think of enough interesting things other than that though. Well, off for a snooze, maybe I'll update later.